end of term

  • Preparing for the End of Term!

    At present, it is just under 13 days until the end of term! I have made a countdown (sad as I am) so I can keep checking up on both how long it is until the holidays as well as how long I have left to finish my project! See it here. I actually make […]

  • The NeverEnding Work Week

    Well I certainly hope that readers are not too young to know of The NeverEnding Story (to which I reference above). It’s one of those properly awesome 80s films, full of craziness! The point of all this is to illustrate that this week is crazily busy; we submit our portfolios on Wednesday. After Wednesday, I […]

  • The End Of Semester 1!

    So today, everyone in my course finally finished! It was a highly exciting day, especially for me as I had finished the day before and so today, I had a haircut and tried to pack. I wasn’t very successful with the packing, so I am doing that now. Well I’m clearly not as I am […]

  • Staying Up

    Yesterday was our final hand in for the semester. We still have a good amount to do; preparing our portfolios for reviews next week, as well as writing a history essay and getting ready for an online self assessment. But the biggest thing is over. I worked out that I stayed up for about 66 […]