• Exam Woe and Worry

    It’s that season again. Of long days in the library and longer nights binging on coffee (and Oreos) in order to stay awake that extra hour. This exam season will be slightly different for me as I’m intercalating, I’m exposed to an entirely different format of exams and the stress is kind of settling in. […]

  • Diary of a postgrad student – Exams!

    I have an exam tomorrow. Exams are brilliant. All those tasks that you have been putting off, get done. Even scrubbing the cupboards with a toothbrush becomes more appealing than revising. Even writing a blog post… It’s a long long time since I had to do an exam, and quite frankly, I didn’t think I […]

  • #mealprep

    With the exams just around the corner, I am sure all of you will be engrossed completely in preparing for your tests and studying the whole day. But to ensure, whatever you are studying registers in your brain, good food is a MUST! But how does one cope with 2 months of lectures (that you […]

  • My Top Study Tips

    With exams just around the corner, it’s time to rev up your study routine. This is the time we dread every year but have no other choice but to get through. Last year I wrote down some tips and hoped it helped you guys, so I thought why not continue the tradition.   Be the explainer. Explaining […]

  • De-stressing

    To say that this time of year is hectic would be an understatement. With exams, coursework, presentations and the busy run-up to Christmas in both personal and work life, it’s easy to forget that this is supposed to be the time to relax and be with family. The late nights cramming in the library surrounded […]

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  • My tips to de-stress: Take 2

    SO this time last year, I was tasked to write down some destressing tips, but feedback was my tips were a bit too cliché and many pointed out most of them were just regurgitated tips given by many other before me. So this time I am gonna approach this from a more personal point of […]

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  • Crunch Time for Undergrads!

    Pound a Redbull, run 5 miles, sit on a green field, or procrastinate up until the wee hours before your exams, because no matter what you do, they are coming. Sure, I could have included some cliche line about “winter is coming”, but I think we’ve Game of Thrones’d out the universe on that one. […]

  • Preparing to Prepare

    Despite the fact that for many, classes have now come to an end, exams still loom around the corner; the easter holidays are a brief glimpse of freedom that will probably be snatched away by endless nights spent in the library. If you’re anything like me, studying will be the last thing you want to […]

  • How to survive the exam period

    To all of you out there still day-dreaming about Christmas break… It’s exam period, you (I) forget how it’s like to have a life, you (I) update my home address to ’University Library’ and you (I) can’t find any valid reason for paying someone to let me do exams. You (I) look through out Facebook-news […]

  • Ways you can tackle the double SS’s: Stress and Studying

    So it’s that time of year where the library has become 24 hours, people are stocking up on red bull and coffee, and endless hours of revision become a routine of normal life… That’s right it’s the daunting exam period! Realistically speaking, some stress before and during the exams is literally inevitable, however it is […]