• Take a Break!

    Hamilton fans will be all too familiar with Eliza Schuylers’s husband who simply had to get his plan through congress. Though few of us will be whittling away our hours writing fifty-one Federalist Papers, student life can do a decent job of putting that “non-stop” mentality in our heads. Everyone has that week, or two, […]

  • Assessing the semester

    As I got over two of my exams I happened to realize the huge difference between the expectations of the Grammar School I used to attend and the Uni…Not that there was not any during the past few months, but it is after these exams that I feel that there is something more that involved […]

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  • Assessments, Exams and Other Fun Things

    Once again I failed as a blogger, I think I am probably in the running for the title of the worst blogger by now. Past few weeks have been a bit hectic and I don’t mean fun hectic. I wasn’t being very sociable, in fact I barely left my room since Halloween. Partially that is […]