• Weekend at Home

    It was my 20th birthday last weekend so, once all my classes had finished on Friday, my boyfriend and I hopped on the train down south for celebrations! One of my favourite things about going home during term time is getting the chance to chill and completely forget about all your responsibilities at uni. It’s […]

  • Things to show friends and family from home in Dundee

    I recently had some family members visit from home, and really enjoyed showing them around Dundee. If you ever have family or friends visit, here are some places I would recommend showing them! If you like walks and lovely views of the city and country, I couldn’t recommend anything more than a nice walk up […]

  • A “Foreign” Holiday

    One wouldn’t think there would be many differences between an American Christmas and an English Christmas… one would be wrong. I spent my first Christmas holidays with my partner and his four kids in Nottingham where I was promptly introduced to British Christmas traditions, as well as taking the time to introduce everyone to some […]