field trip

  • Visiting Dundee Sheriff Court

    The public gallery is a great resource for law students and it is worth popping in to get a real sense of law in action.   Scottish courts are public buildings and anyone can attend. Almost all trials are open to the public so that justice can be seen to be done. My friends (and […]

  • Trip down to London Vol.2

    I come from a small city in the heart of South East Asia (SEA) and in an ever-changing world, it is not more important now then ever to make sure there is harmony and peace in regions such the South East Asians Country. Its this thought which led the leaders of the 10 SEA countries […]

  • The German Magnet

    This week started off with our first briefing for a field research trip in Pitlochry. A place I would highly recommend to everyone who’s interested in country side, hiking, walking, fishing, nature or if you’re into old towns. The last time I went there was to watch Highland games which was fun but this time […]