• Fresher’s Week summary and a quick update

    Hi everyone! I’d have had this up on monday or tuesday, but this weekend I was back with my family to have a end-of-chemo party for a friend, and didn’t get much work done because the internet was down – I suffered for it this week. 😛 It was nice going home, though – I loved seeing everyone again, and as a bonus didn’t […]

  • So..first week nerves.

    No need! The first day was such a quiet one! Everyone was super concentrated on their work and you could tell we were all thinking the same thing! “Her works amazing, his works amazing, oh man am I doing this right??”. What I took from my first project was, there is no right, there is […]

  • First Few Days

    The start of Welcome Week has been good! On Monday, was the Welcome To Architecture lecture. At this, the head of first year, Cameron Wilson gave a brief (ish) overview of the years ahead. He also confirmed timings for various events over the coming week. I bought myself a diary to put all the information I […]

  • Feelings about starting University…

    Freshers’ Week has begun! The last time I was a Fresher I partied almost every night, stayed up late chatting to my new flat mates and spent the mornings nursing hangovers and attempting to remove my make-up from the night before.   This time things couldn’t be more different.  For a start I haven’t been […]

  • Oh Man! :)

    Oh man oh man 😀 !! first 5 minutes I’ve had since arriving! Soo met my flat mates, except one that hasn’t arrived yet. All girls flat, top floor. Will upload a photo! But everything’s kind of on the floor at the minute. The girls are great! Went to Mono at the student union last […]

  • Arrival Weekend

    Hi guys – safe to say it’s been a busy few days! I arrived in Dundee about midday yesterday, and I’m still getting everything unpacked and organised. Five out of six of my flatmates have arrived, and everyone is really nice and friendly. I spent friday packing, which was kind of sad – I was […]

  • Freshers Pack!

    Got my freshers pack with 9 days to go till Freshers! Inside is a freshers magazine with everything you need to know about the DUSA student union, pictures and bios of the Student Representatives, ways to get involved and more importantly a calendar of Events for freshers week! Also there’s cool info like local taxi […]

  • Hello EVERYONE.

    Hey there! I’m Lou. General Foundation Art&Design student and all round respectable human being. For starters, if you have any questions, proposals or just the need to say hello, feel free to email me. And if you see me on campus please return my high-fives. I’m here to show you what it’s like to live […]