• Diary of a Postgrad Student – Great Pumpkin Carve Out

    You might have noticed that it was Halloween on Tuesday. Last week Glasgow University Psychology Department threw down the gauntlet in a pumpkin carving competition. Pretty soon Dundee and Aberdeen Uni Psychology departments accepted the challenge. It was time for the Great Pumpkin Carveout! The catch was that the carvings had to be on a […]


    Trick or Treat? As per usual DUSA hosted another legendary halloween party this year! With over 3000 vampires, ghost and goblins in attendance- there was definitely something to scare everyone! Some top tips: (1) Try a flat themed costume! This way you won’t be as likely to lose one another and, in the event that you […]

  • The Last Witch of Dundee

    Tucked away in a quiet little corner of a busy city centre, you will find The Howff graveyard. Initially opened in 1564, it is a historian’s own heaven, housing an important collection of gravestones. Howff means meeting place, and the graveyard was also used as a meeting point for the nine trades of Dundee. However, […]

  • Winter is Coming: How to Beat The Winter Blues

    I love autumn, its the perfect time to cosy up and read with hot chocolate in hand and maybe a cinnamon swirl to top it off! The changing of the leaves, the warm clothes and the fact that christmas is just around the corner are just some of the reasons why I love autumn. However […]

  • Halloween

    I have to apologize first. This post has nothing to do with academia, again, just my obsessive love for Halloween.  I mean what’s not to love? It’s like Christmas, minus the drunk relatives having the same argument year after year. I usually start planning my costume way ahead of time and get carried away in […]