• Free Shop

    So you’re moving to a new place. Now what? Hint: You need things.  A lot of things.  Things you probably weren’t aware you were going to need. Things are expensive. Student life is great, but it isn’t always cheap or relatively affordable – especially if you want to eat something other than ramen a few […]

  • House Hunting 101

    Now that a new semester has dawn on us, it is time to start hunting for houses / flats or whatever your accommodation preference would be. Living in student accommodation at heathfield , Blemont or West park does sound like a great life but it is time to move into a new place, your own […]

  • Volunteering in Dundee

    Hi there! In freshers week last September, I met different representatives for volunteer centers in Dundee at the Campus Green outside of DUSA. Right away I felt like I wouldn’t have the time for volunteer work this year and told myself I would get back to it later. As we know time flies, I felt […]

  • Writing on the Wall: Where to Find Help

    Perhaps my generation is a little different… OK, it is different. Where most of today’s young people have grown up with technology readily available, I grew up as technology grew up. Atari, anyone? Duck Hunt? This may seem a little strange to write about, but just bear with me here and you’ll see the point […]