• Christmas Holidays in England

    Before Christmas, after the end of the first semester, I travelled back down to England by car to go home for the holidays. The nine hour journey however was well worth it as I had just started to get a little homesick. Its always good to touch base with home as I didn’t have the […]

  • A Day At The Beach

    The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a mini-heatwave here in Dundee (sunniest city in Scotland, and all that) so we took full advantage of the sunshine-burning ourselves in the process- and decided to take a wee trip over to St. Andrews.  St Andrews is a tourist hotspot and well-known throughout the […]

  • Happy Campers

    As I’ve said before, we are on a mission this summer to do as many exciting activities as possible on my, seemingly, very rare days off from work.  So as I had two days off in a row, we decided to go camping of all things.  Having grown up in Glasgow and being relatively adverse […]

  • The Hobbit!

    One of the highlights of my holiday so far has been going to see the Hobbit. I went to see it in HFR 3D at the Vue cinema at Westfield. This is also where I saw the first The Hobbit film! This is no coincidence; my boyfriend lives nearby (ish) and this is one of the […]

  • Holland and Belgium!

    I have been away! I went to stay in Rotterdam with my class (and 3 tutors) last week. It was a study trip so we were busy from after breakfast until quite late. Sometimes we didn’t get dinner until 10pm! We did see a lot though, which was excellent. We were in Amsterdam for 2 days, the […]

  • Holiday Time!

    I am not currently in Dundee. Why? I am on holiday, and therefore I am spending my time in London, to see the boyfriend. We have just returned from Crete (the same place that we went to last year) which was awesome as well as my first time (excluding cruises) of staying with an all […]

  • Easter Holidays

    Whoops! I seem to have not posted in a long time! My apologies! We are now in the Easter holidays, which last for 3 weeks :O I don’t think I have ever had such long holidays at this time of year before! Though of course this is the time when most courses are studying for […]

  • Memories

    So it has been a while since Uni ended and I promised a mention to my lovely friend in architecture (as pictured above). I have of course been missing her (and my other epic friends on my course) while I have been away and she has been in foreign lands! The picture above was taken […]

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  • The End Of Semester 1!

    So today, everyone in my course finally finished! It was a highly exciting day, especially for me as I had finished the day before and so today, I had a haircut and tried to pack. I wasn’t very successful with the packing, so I am doing that now. Well I’m clearly not as I am […]

  • Break In London

    This week I am in London. I managed to get tickets that only came to about £35 there and back. This is impressive given that Dundee is not (yet) one of the cities that benefits from being in the subsidised zone. Although I am going off on a tangent, this is actually an issue I […]