• Weekend at Home

    It was my 20th birthday last weekend so, once all my classes had finished on Friday, my boyfriend and I hopped on the train down south for celebrations! One of my favourite things about going home during term time is getting the chance to chill and completely forget about all your responsibilities at uni. It’s […]

  • Embracing the TCK Life

    Have you ever been told that your accent changes depending on whom you are talking to? Do you dread that unavoidable, inevitable question “Where is home for you?” Are your closest friends from different parts of the world? Do you often find yourself singing to songs in languages you don’t necessarily understand, and certainly don’t […]

  • Christmas Holidays in England

    Before Christmas, after the end of the first semester, I travelled back down to England by car to go home for the holidays. The nine hour journey however was well worth it as I had just started to get a little homesick. Its always good to touch base with home as I didn’t have the […]