• A week in the life of a law student

    Sometimes I study harder, occasionally I remember to bring a packed lunch to save money, and I’ve been known to go to the gym more. But what follows is an honest account of a typical week in the life of a law student.     Monday   8.30: Get off the bus outside uni and […]

  • LAW BALL X 2017

    HELLO! With dissertation hand-in only a week away, I’ve decided to #tbt to happier times: DULS 2017 Law Ball. A few weeks ago Dundee University Law Society’s hosted its Annual Law Ball. This year, for the first time ever, this consisted of a two night stay at the MacDonald hotel in Peebles. And what a […]


    Today I had to go on “official law student business” to the University of St Andrew’s Law Fair. This is a great opportunity for #UoD students studying on the English law or Dual law programme to meet English firms and get some insight into what type of candidate they are looking to recruit. It’s also a […]

  • Good Morning!

    I was convinced I missed a week of blogging, then I checked and realised I didn’t write a post in almost 4 weeks! My apologies for that! I have no explanation as to where did my 3 missing weeks go!   I have to say though that for the past 2 weeks I’ve been extremely […]

  • Hello everyone!

    As you might already know my name is Ivana, I’m from Croatia and I’m about to start LLB Law degree. What you probably don’t know is that I’m 27 years old. I’m only mentioning my age because it is connected to one of my concerns which I will discuss later on, but let me first […]