• The Importance of Travelling

    This year, the year of Covid-19, has been an adjustment for everyone. The shift to working from home and (somewhat ironically) the avoidance of unnecessary journeys has given me a chance to reflect and understand just how important travelling was to my personal growth and how important I think it should be to everyone. Firstly, […]

  • Money saving tricks for students

    Whether it’s your first year at university or your fourth, the way youmanage your money will have a huge impact on your uni life. So, to help you experience the joys of student budgeting without going completely broke I have gathered few pointers I have learnt over the years. Your student card is your ticket […]

  • Life as an Economics with Spanish student

    One of the biggest (and best) differences between school and university learning is the flexibility. Once you start university, mundane awakenings to be met with the same school routine every day become a distant memory. Each day is different – different classes, different times, different people. If I have no early morning classes I tend […]

  • Learning at University

    Almost everything changes when you move to university and the way you learn is no exception! The biggest jump is from being told exactly what you need to do, all the time, to being almost completely independent at university. One issue I have with learning at university is motivating myself. You can talk to other […]

  • Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

    I’m now officially a little more than a month into my program, and so far it’s pretty much all I hoped it would be, if not better. Nerd alert. In my recent memory, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed taking as many notes as I have (50+ pages at the  moment, I’ll panic over that […]