• Summer Part One (London)

    2017/2018 was a pretty long academic year and to be very honest I was quite ready for a long break. Somehow my long summer became quite exciting, more by a happy accident than by design. This will be a three-part post of my adventures and misadventures…   After I submitted my dissertation, something new I […]

  • Trip down to London Vol.2

    I come from a small city in the heart of South East Asia (SEA) and in an ever-changing world, it is not more important now then ever to make sure there is harmony and peace in regions such the South East Asians Country. Its this thought which led the leaders of the 10 SEA countries […]

  • Discovering the UK- Part 2

    Over the past 6 weeks while I have been interning at Life Sciences research labs, I have tried to make the most of my weekends and try to explore more of the UK. So, my next stop was London. I had never been to England before this, so naturally you can imagine how excited I […]

  • From Kent to Dundee

    I’m English born and raised, from the county of Kent – often referred to as that bit under London. I left home to come to Dundee for my studies in Art at DJCAD, after completing my A-levels. London was on my doorstep, with theatre and gallery exhibitions a stone’s throw away. But in London you can’t […]

  • Easter Holidays

    Whoops! I seem to have not posted in a long time! My apologies! We are now in the Easter holidays, which last for 3 weeks :O I don’t think I have ever had such long holidays at this time of year before! Though of course this is the time when most courses are studying for […]

  • Holiday

    On the 14th, I took the train to London to stay with my boyfriend, who works there. It was a good week. I went to visit the Roca Gallery with my godfather. The Roca Gallery in London was designed by Zaha Hadid and is often used as a venue for various exhibits. When we visited, it […]