• A fresh start

    A new semester has begun, and with it, the campus is again busy with students. Seeing this bustle on campus after a slow winter hibernation is nice. And with this new semester, I am sure you must be enjoying some of the new modules and their lectures.Of course, some of us are certain about our […]


  • Time management reminders!!!!

    The start of” the third year” has been all-consuming for many of us, and now that we are halfway through, I am sure most of us have accepted and adapted according to the academic demands. And yet, in this juggling that we all are going through, I want to remind you to tap into your […]

  • Kindling zests of imagination

    I wish all the women a very happy International Women’s Day! This year, I would like to talk about an interesting set of stories that discuss the mythical endeavors of women in the field of medicine. But before I head to the myths/tales, the goal of this blog is to highlight the struggle of finding […]

  • Non-fiction science books/ biographies to read.

    The semester so far has been quite hectic, but the two books that motivate me to keep going are : The code breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race There are very few female Nobel Laureates and hence gaining some perspective of the woman who made it to that finishing […]

  • An inspirational start

    A new semester, a new start, and the age-old need for motivation are what make university life interesting. In this blog, I would like to share 2 motivational documentaries that will persuade you to get up and do whatever it is that you intend to! I hope that these recommendations will help you find the […]

  • Genius or genuine?

    This blog is about a question that always bothered me: Are scientists genius or genuine? As a child, I was eternally fascinated by the miraculous nature of science. The chemical fizz, twinkling stars, and the nature of life seemed to narrate a symphonic story through the words of numerous scientists. But were all of them […]