• One Hundred Songs To Save Your Life

    So I watch a lot of old TV programmes! I recently decided to start watching One Tree Hill, which I have never seen before now. I didn’t have a TV while growing up, so I missed everything! There are a LOT of shows that I have only recently seen! Anyway, Peyton makes a CD of […]

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  • Holland and Belgium!

    I have been away! I went to stay in Rotterdam with my class (and 3 tutors) last week. It was a study trip so we were busy from after breakfast until quite late. Sometimes we didn’t get dinner until 10pm! We did see a lot though, which was excellent. We were in Amsterdam for 2 days, the […]

  • The NeverEnding Work Week

    Well I certainly hope that readers are not too young to know of The NeverEnding Story (to which I reference above). It’s one of those properly awesome 80s films, full of craziness! The point of all this is to illustrate that this week is crazily busy; we submit our portfolios on Wednesday. After Wednesday, I […]

  • Gigs And Other Social Events

    Despite Dundee seeming to be a pretty small city (so small in fact that when I told a classmate that you could drive from one side of Dundee to the other in 15 – 20 minutes depending on traffic, her eyes widened in shock!), there are frequent opportunities for good nights out. There is already […]

  • Break In London

    This week I am in London. I managed to get tickets that only came to about £35 there and back. This is impressive given that Dundee is not (yet) one of the cities that benefits from being in the subsidised zone. Although I am going off on a tangent, this is actually an issue I […]