• Settling in

    HI THERE My name is Ine, and I am a 22 year old girl from Norway. I will be participating at the LLM program in International Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the University of Dundee. This will be my fifth year as a law student, and I am so excited for the opportunity to […]

  • Next stop – Dundee

    For all you new freshers out there, you now just have over a month left before heading to Dundee! That’s exciting isn’t it? However I can completely understand if this is a bit overwhelming too… I remember this time last year I was going a bit crazy, as there was just so much to do! […]

  • Anybody else hates packing?

    I do! Doesn’t matter if I’m travelling to another country on a holiday or just to the other end of the country, I don’t like packing. Probably because I’m not sure on what to take or even how to pack. I wish I had one of those powers where you swing a wand or just […]

  • Packing Guide

    I promised to post a packing guide so with about 10 days to go here it goes! I hope someone will find this helpful. 🙂 First and probably the most important thing is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Leaving packing for the last day is a very bad idea. Trust me I know, I’ve done it before […]