• Getting close now!

    HJKLFGKH;L IT’S ONLY FOUR DAYS NOW. Eeep. In the words of Gomez Addams, ‘I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling sad’. Also terrified, worried and, yes, excited. Happy because I’m getting everything organised and I might actually be ready for going soon, but sad because this is the last week I’m going to be able to see […]

  • Journey to the Centre of Ikea

    Yes, I am afraid I’m posting again already! I think I may also have promised a guide to looking at universities as my second post, but I got back from Ikea today doing shopping for halls! (And it’s my blog so you all must indulge MY WHIMS). Plus, those are really long posts, so I’m going to alternate […]

  • The Great Big Rambling Introduction

    Hello students! My name is Fiona Curran, and I’m here to take you through my first year at Dundee University! Hopefully this blog should provide an in-depth description of what it’s like to live, work and play in the city (and, you know, study – apparently that’s what you do in higher education) and help you […]