reading week

  • Reading Week

    I’m lucky as a humanities student that I get a reading week to catch up on any reading or work that I might have got behind on. But I can’t believe it’s already almost over! If you’re unsure what a reading week is, it’s basically a week of little to no classes where you can […]

  • How I Spent My Reading Week: England

    I went down to Jolly Old England and played the roll of tourist! Yes, yes, I know.  I’m in Scotland so why didn’t I travel about this beautiful country on my free week?  Simple, my partner lives in England and this was my chance to officially meet the family and finally visit all those petty places […]

  • Reading Week

    I am aware that the reading week finished almost a week ago. Yet, here I am talking about reading week. There is an explanation behind this, I promise! Basically, I started this post some 10 days ago but never actually got a chance to finish it. I got a really nasty cold just before the […]


  • Postponed plans

    Well, it looks like the reading week nearly came to an end. I must say it seemed to be a very long and quite tedious week. Despite a week worth of free time I had, I have been home mostly. I had some good plans though, other than reading, but those went away at the […]

  • Reading Week Adventures

    Thank goodness for rail cards! I’ve spent my Reading Week the only way I know how – doing anything but reading! Last weekend I took a trip down to Glasgow to visit friends from my undergrad course and catch up on all the news and gossip from the central belt!  A lot of pizza and […]