Saving Money

  • Tips for Managing a Budget at University

    Firstly, this is by no means an extensive list of tips for managing a budget while at University. There are tons of resources, and I am sure from people with much more expertise than myself, out there on how to manage money effectively and advice on creating budgets. However, these are some tips that I […]

  • Money saving tricks for students

    Whether it’s your first year at university or your fourth, the way youmanage your money will have a huge impact on your uni life. So, to help you experience the joys of student budgeting without going completely broke I have gathered few pointers I have learnt over the years. Your student card is your ticket […]

  • How to make/save some money as a student

    Moving away from home and having to pay for everything all of a sudden can be a bit of a shock to the system. Even if you get student funding or a scholarship, sometimes it can be difficult to budget so that you’re actually able to save up for the future. However, after two years […]

  • Brain Food

    Last year I was in such a bad habit of constantly buying food whilst out the house, worse still it was never particularly healthy food either. So this year I’ve reflected on my eating habits and thought of ways that I could save myself a bit of cash, and feed my brain something better than […]