• Zero-Waste Online Options

    Last semester, I wrote about some of the zero-waste shopping options in Dundee. I now wanted to offer some online options. Living at home now, with all of our shopping online it severely limits some of the ability to make more environmentally friendly choices. Feeling frustrated with not being able to get some of my […]

  • The Community fridge

    Having used the community fridge, I am a massive fan. I was at first hesitant because I wasn’t sure of its purpose and I was convinced it was only for people more needy than myself. If you haven’t heard of it, it is located next to the Tartan Coffee house on Perth Road. After joining […]

  • Charity Shops in Dundee

    Since I began buying clothes for myself, I have loved scouring charity shops. When I was younger, I loved charity shops for being able to find unique items that I wouldn’t be able to get in the high street stores. Learning more about fast fashion and the ethical, social and environmental consequences of this industry. […]

  • Cyber Monday Edition: Buying laptop for university

    Cyber Monday and Christmas deals are offering laptops at amazing prices. The challenging part now is selecting which laptop is best suited for you and your university course. I had spent days researching for my laptop before I had bought the one that was fit for me. We all know about setting up a budget, […]

  • Feeling a Little Bored of the Same Four Walls?

    Wanting to spruce up your bedroom or flat? Especially now with so much of our time spent studying in our flats its important to make our spaces feel comfortable, joyous, and most importantly like our own. With that in mind here are some great places in Dundee to have a browse and find some great […]

  • Low-Waste Shopping in Dundee

    One of the freedoms you gain living away from home at university is food shopping. Of course, sometimes it is an absolute chore. The thought of dragging yourself out of the flat to trudge down to the supermarket, especially if it’s raining, is horrible. But shopping for yourself gives the chance to discover new foods […]

  • My Favourite Places in Dundee

    Today I thought I’d share some positivity and promote some of my favourite places in Dundee. Most of these are restaurants and cafes because I’m obsessed with food, but there’s also some different places I’d recommend you visit in Dundee. Whether you’re a fresher wanting to discover this new city you’ve moved to, or a […]

  • Getting ready for Dundee’s Winter

    The temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting shorter. Dundee’s winter can be freezing especially for students like myself coming from the tropics. For some of us, adjusting to UK’s winter can be difficult however I am here to provide some tips that could help you deal with Dundee’s unpredictable weather. Number 1 -invest […]

  • 10 uni must-haves

    The ultimate shopping list for study essentials   1) Pencil case Fill it with highlighters, gel pens, whatever motivates you to study or helps you to take great notes. Starting a new semester is the perfect excuse to go stationery shopping.   2) Reusable coffee cup Disposable takeaway coffee cups are so last year. Sort […]