• First week

    Hi guys, I’ve been planning to write this post for a few days now but things just kept popping up.  It’s been a very eventful week. As you will soon notice, I will completely ignore Freshers’ week because if you’re here you know how it is and if you’re not here you should really find […]

  • ADAS

    I may have mentioned previously that the Architecture department has an Association of Dundee Architecture Students (ADAS) which plays a large part in life as an architecture student at Dundee! I have decided to join the committee. I have only been going to meetings for a couple of weeks but it is fun. ADAS caters […]

  • Gigs And Other Social Events

    Despite Dundee seeming to be a pretty small city (so small in fact that when I told a classmate that you could drive from one side of Dundee to the other in 15 – 20 minutes depending on traffic, her eyes widened in shock!), there are frequent opportunities for good nights out. There is already […]

  • Surf Club

    On the way back from the beach at St Andrews. Kind of drunk typing, wishing I could capture the atmosphere in this mini bus right now. Playing Off with your head – Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I’m wet through. Beach hair. Slightly intoxicated. Lights from passing cars flashing bye. Just surfed for the first time in […]