starting university

  • Workshop Induction

    It’s only Tuesday, and I feel like I’ve been at Uni for ages! Yesterday we went to the beach for a project that we will have to finish off and present on A1 card in our own time for our portfolio and today we were given an “inspiring places” project. So far, it is awesome […]

  • First Few Days

    The start of Welcome Week has been good! On Monday, was the Welcome To Architecture lecture. At this, the head of first year, Cameron Wilson gave a brief (ish) overview of the years ahead. He also confirmed timings for various events over the coming week. I bought myself a diary to put all the information I […]

  • Feelings about starting University…

    Freshers’ Week has begun! The last time I was a Fresher I partied almost every night, stayed up late chatting to my new flat mates and spent the mornings nursing hangovers and attempting to remove my make-up from the night before.   This time things couldn’t be more different.  For a start I haven’t been […]

  • Arrival Weekend

    Hi guys – safe to say it’s been a busy few days! I arrived in Dundee about midday yesterday, and I’m still getting everything unpacked and organised. Five out of six of my flatmates have arrived, and everyone is really nice and friendly. I spent friday packing, which was kind of sad – I was […]

  • Getting close now!

    HJKLFGKH;L IT’S ONLY FOUR DAYS NOW. Eeep. In the words of Gomez Addams, ‘I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling sad’. Also terrified, worried and, yes, excited. Happy because I’m getting everything organised and I might actually be ready for going soon, but sad because this is the last week I’m going to be able to see […]

  • Hello EVERYONE.

    Hey there! I’m Lou. General Foundation Art&Design student and all round respectable human being. For starters, if you have any questions, proposals or just the need to say hello, feel free to email me. And if you see me on campus please return my high-fives. I’m here to show you what it’s like to live […]

  • Journey to the Centre of Ikea

    Yes, I am afraid I’m posting again already! I think I may also have promised a guide to looking at universities as my second post, but I got back from Ikea today doing shopping for halls! (And it’s my blog so you all must indulge MY WHIMS). Plus, those are really long posts, so I’m going to alternate […]

  • My first post as a student blogger for Dundee University!

    Hi! My name is Rosalind and I am about to start the 7 year Architecture MArch course. I grew up locally; just across the Tay, in Fife. I first moved to Dundee in 2009 in pursuit of a dance career by starting my studies at The Scottish School Of Contemporary Dance. That transition from living […]