• Diwali @ Dundee

      It all started with a phone call!   It was a regular Tuesday. I had finished my lectures and somehow fell asleep at 6 PM. Perhaps, I was just too tired. And then, that really annoying thing happened. We’ve all experienced it. It doesn’t make it any less annoying. My phone started ringing.   I […]

  • The journey starts here…

    Hey there!  My name is Natasha and I am studying Primary Teaching at the University of Dundee. Today is my first day living in my new flat, in a new city, surrounded by new people. Last night I drove from my home town up to Dundee with my lovely big sister having had to say […]

  • Don’t Go On Shopping Sites When Sleepy!

    I have done this so many times, and do I learn? No! To be honest, sometimes it is a good excuse to buy something I want but that I can’t really afford! The last time I did this was a couple of days ago, when I had had (fairly bad) allergies all day and I […]