Study Abroad

  • Semester Abroad – Travelling

    Completing a semester (or year) abroad provides some excellent opportunities to experience and travel a new country. I did a semester abroad during my second year to Trent University in Canada. Around my studies I was able to fit in a little bit of travelling. I’ve given a taste to some of the areas I […]

  • A Study Abroad Series: Academics and Classes

    I will preface this blog post with acknowledging that travelling is certainly not part of our lives at the moment and with that many student’s study abroad opportunities have disappeared. However, I wanted to take the chance to document some of my experiences from when I completed a semester abroad. Perhaps, this series can provide […]


  • Why Study Abroad?


    Bonjour! Ola! Ciao! This week the university hosted it’s annual study aboard fair for all you wannabe jet-setters! I went along to represent my host university (Leiden) and begging our Erasmus Institutional Co-Ordinator (Pamela Brown) to let me go back (a resounding no but worth a shot). Feeling rather nostalgic I decided to share some of my […]