• How to look after yourself post exam season:

    Firstly, congratulations – you did it! You survived another (or even your first) exam season at university. The weeks of sleep deprivation, extreme stress levels and running off energy drinks are behind you. There are now around 4 months, in which you can do whatever you want and enjoy the summer you have worked so […]

  • Summer Travel Ideas and Tips!

    For those of you who, like me, love to plan summer in advance so there is a great holiday to look forward to, I would like to give some ideas and tips to find your perfect get away. Planning in Advance Planning in advance can be great to grab some amazing deals and see where […]

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  • Planning a Trip

    During the Easter break, I’ll be heading off on holiday with my boyfriend, and it’ll be the first holiday where we’re responsible for sorting everything ourselves: #adulting. So, in this blog post, I thought I’d take you through my planning process and hopefully help any of you who might be going away this Easter or […]

  • Graduation and Highlands trip

    My BMSc graduation was at 2.30pm on the 22nd of June 2018.  The Scottish weather gods were especially kind as the clouds parted and we had sunny skies for the ceremony and the many (many) photos after. This was especially special as my parents had flown in a long way away from Malaysia to attend. […]

  • Summer Part One (London)

    2017/2018 was a pretty long academic year and to be very honest I was quite ready for a long break. Somehow my long summer became quite exciting, more by a happy accident than by design. This will be a three-part post of my adventures and misadventures…   After I submitted my dissertation, something new I […]

  • When Dundee really is the sunniest city in Scotland

    Hi there! I’ve had a few friends visiting from back home this last week and I was so pleased to see that the sun greeted them for a couple of days while they were here. It’s February, it’s winter, and naturally they were expecting some minus degree-numbers on the Snapchat-filter, but February in Dundee surprisingly […]

  • A Day At The Beach

    The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a mini-heatwave here in Dundee (sunniest city in Scotland, and all that) so we took full advantage of the sunshine-burning ourselves in the process- and decided to take a wee trip over to St. Andrews.  St Andrews is a tourist hotspot and well-known throughout the […]