• Gardening is underrated

    Until very recently gardening seemed to me like a boring hobby for older people who have nothing to do. What can be exciting about digging the soil and spending so much time and effort to get some crops that are available in the nearest supermarket?  But then in March 2020 lockdown have hit and for some mysterious […]

  • The Truth behind Biomass “Green Energy”

    If you are still reading my blogs, by now you know I am passionate about sustainability. It is a difficult subject to tackle because it is so vast, and it requires not only the actions of ourselves as individuals, but everyone; especially governments. The UN released the 17 sustainability goals back in 2015 to envision: […]

  • Is the Future Hydrogen?

    One of the biggest concerns on everyone’s minds is the security of clean energy in the future.  We have followed the renewable energy growth since its birth through new installations of wind farms, solar panels, and hydroelectric dams but, what is next? How can we really reach a net-zero world? Can it be through using […]

  • Water Scarcity and the Upcoming Challenges of the Modern World

    Taking blog ideas from my semester 2 – CE50019 Sustainable Use and Environmental Impact module, I thought I would talk about issues facing us in the modern world – starting with Water Scarcity. Humans use about 4,600 cubic km of water every year, of which 70% goes to agriculture, 20% to industry and 10% to […]

  • The Community fridge

    Having used the community fridge, I am a massive fan. I was at first hesitant because I wasn’t sure of its purpose and I was convinced it was only for people more needy than myself. If you haven’t heard of it, it is located next to the Tartan Coffee house on Perth Road. After joining […]

  • Charity Shops in Dundee

    Since I began buying clothes for myself, I have loved scouring charity shops. When I was younger, I loved charity shops for being able to find unique items that I wouldn’t be able to get in the high street stores. Learning more about fast fashion and the ethical, social and environmental consequences of this industry. […]

  • Sustainable Living

    There has become a major trend for innovation and new, exciting products. I myself am fully behind innovation and development for the planet and for us who live with challenges that can be helped with new technologies. While some of this is good, it has also has its drawbacks. Due to fast-pace change, companies strive […]