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    If someone ever tells you that food is boring, slowly walk away. They can sense fear. Dundee offers a lot of different cuisine, but it’s taken me some adventuring around to find the stuff I really liked. When you move to a new country, it’s always the food that can make or break your experiences, […]

  • First week

    Hi guys, I’ve been planning to write this post for a few days now but things just kept popping up.  It’s been a very eventful week. As you will soon notice, I will completely ignore Freshers’ week because if you’re here you know how it is and if you’re not here you should really find […]

  • Tea!

    I am a bit of a tea-lover, so I decided to post about tea! If you do not yet love tea, then you should really try to be more adventurous with what you drink, as I can guarantee that nearly all the time this will open up a whole world of excitement and opportunity! So […]

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