• Discovering the UK- Part 2

    Over the past 6 weeks while I have been interning at Life Sciences research labs, I have tried to make the most of my weekends and try to explore more of the UK. So, my next stop was London. I had never been to England before this, so naturally you can imagine how excited I […]

  • Discovering the UK- Part 1

    Now that the summer break has begun and all submissions have been submitted, it is time to go on vacation! While there are so many things to do within Dundee and Scotland, as an international student howe -ver, I wanted to take the opportunity to travel to the other parts of the UK. My first […]

  • Reading Week Adventures

    Thank goodness for rail cards! I’ve spent my Reading Week the only way I know how – doing anything but reading! Last weekend I took a trip down to Glasgow to visit friends from my undergrad course and catch up on all the news and gossip from the central belt!  A lot of pizza and […]