• The Wonders of a Walk

    In the past, I have always struggled to get myself motivated to go for walks by myself. I’ve always given myself excuses; telling myself I had already walked to classes, work or the shop. But now, with next to no commitments that require leaving my flat I have made a huge effort to fit in […]

  • My Favourite Dundee Trails

    As much as I would love to be off adventuring somewhere new, year 3 is keeping me around Dundee at the moment. While I cannot be scrambling up mountain trails right now, the city does have a few trails for small adventures that can still make you feel like you are miles away from uni. […]

  • Local Walking Paths for an Easy adventure

      Some days you may just need some fresh air, or some time to clear your head with a bit of light exercise and fun. Within your reach, there plenty small paths to get walking on for a wee day out or even just a few hours for a break within the university daily life. […]