Holding out and holding onto

Have you ever resisted using a piece of technology which you now enjoy using?  I held out against having a smart phone for many years and now value mine.  Similarly I resisted a dishwasher, which I now rate highly, although not quite as highly as a washing machine.  Key to my change of heart was the time they saved and the ease and confidence with which I could use them.

Does your heart sink a little every time a new online tool or technology is extolled by a colleague or by your manager?  Or do you look forward to using the new tool once training and support is in place?  Are you confident you will be able to understand and use it effectively with your learners?  How do new versions of software get rolled out in your institution?  Can you choose when to change and can you select your own tools, relevant to the learning of the students whom you are teaching, when you have the time to explore them?

In her online post Tools-of-the-Trade to Make  your Online Teaching Even Better Debbie Morrison discusses her love/hate relationship with technological applications, and the barriers there can be for educators.  Read her review of methods and tools that help online educators use voice and media-rich applications to support and enhance learning at: Tools of the trade

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Why is adoption of educational technology so challenging?

table of negative adoption scenario smallerThis fascinating table is from an online journal article called Faculty adoption of Educational technology by Franziska Zellweger Moser (2007). Click on the image to view the table.  Where do you fit on it?


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