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Putting student voices at the heart of the University website
This week we’re proud to launch the new Student Voices web pages. This marks the end of the Student Blog WordPress website that was launched back in 2012. Content from the blog has been migrated into…
Why we don’t use Word document forms
To apply to Dundee in 1967 you had to request a paper application form from The Secretary of the Scottish Universities Entrance Board. The completed form was then to be returned with a cheque for £1.10.…
User testing the PhD webpages
One of our current projects is to create a smoother and more streamlined user journey for prospective students who are researching, deciding on, and applying for, PhD opportunities.  Ultimately, this should contribute to an increase in…

7 min read

Over the last month, Jonathan from the Web Services team has carried out an audit of guide pages on the University website. It’s been an incredibly useful exercise, not least because it’s made me reflect on…

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9 min read

Frequently during the web migration project we have felt as though we’ve been drowning in a sea of PDFs, particularly during work on policy-heavy sites. The team has made a tremendous effort to drastically reduce the…

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