Alpha Project

Improving the website together

What’s the problem?

Our websites have grown very organically over the last 20 years. Over that time, we have restructured and rebranded several times, which has led to a very fractured web estate.

Over the past two years, a lot of time and effort has gone into fixing some immediate problems focused on driving up student recruitment. However, to properly solve our problems a complete rebuild is now necessary.

Whilst Web Services can provide the technical know-how and digital leadership to accomplish this, we can’t solve the problem by ourselves. Whilst we’ve listened extensively to staff and students from across the community, we just don’t know enough about every nuance of the University to solve it alone.

Crucially, the problems that we’re trying to solve aren’t specific to any one department. So, to make our web presence as effective as possible, we’ll need to be talking to people across the community, at all levels, to ensure the journey users take is as smooth as possible for the maximum number of people.

Your backing, support, and involvement is going to be crucial to the success of this process.

We want to carry out the entire process as transparently as possible so we will be sharing our thinking, research, and process. Most of all though, we want to show you our work on the website as we build it – brick by brick. You’ll then have the opportunity to feed back to us your thoughts as we go through the process.


  • Build and test a prototype of a new University of Dundee website.
  • Test our policies and procedures for building based on data and user needs.

What’s in scope?

Currently, only the websites we use for external communication are in scope. This includes the main University website, as well as school and department sites.

At this time, smaller bespoke research related sites are not in scope, neither are sites like MyDundee, eVision and other such web applications.

We know you’re busy but if you have opinions about the future of our web estate, then we would encourage you to get involved as early as possible.