• Why we’re thinking of removing the A-Z

    The global A-Z. Such a simple concept, yet such a nightmare. Only the homepage and “just stick it in the” about section are feared more. The reason it’s so disliked by us webby types is the list itself tends to be completely arbitrary. There’s no logic to what goes in, what comes out, or why […]

  • IWMW 2018 – University of York

    In keeping with recent trends here on the Blog, welcome to our post about IWMW 2018! It’s definitely conference season and we’ve been out about, getting the Dundee name out there. While there have been previous posts on conferences with themes of UX and Content, the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) conference is more about […]

  • ContentEd 2018

    ContentEd is a two-day conference on content strategy in the education sector. 2018 is its second year, bringing together content strategists and marketeers from all over the world to address current challenges, explore trends, and talk solutions. This year, the Dundee contingent comprised Pete and Morag from the web team, and Lucy from Marketing. Overall […]

  • 8 things we’ve been reading recently

    Every week we share loads of articles within the team about web and digital stuff. Some of it news, others just fab things we’ve found. We thought if you’re interested enough to read this blog, you might just be interested enough to read these stories too, so here are eight of our favourites from the […]

  • Design Sprint #6 review (Accommodation)

    Not sure what a Design Sprint is? These are fun, interactive problem-solving sessions with students, staff, and other key audience members. For more information, read Join a Design Sprint to shape future website experiences Our sixth Design Sprint took place on 24 April 2018. The problem we came together to solve was: ‘How can we […]

  • Form audit

    Recently, we received an email from one of our suppliers, Form Assembly. Form Assembly do web forms. You may not have known it but you might have seen their product here, here and here. In essence, we build the form in Form Assembly and then through an elaborate array of levers and pulleys, it ends […]

  • Studying Abroad – or “How I learned to stop worrying and love SITS”

    So, three years ago, we moved course pages into the CMS from their former home on our good old-fashioned artisan web server Sky. After that was completed, we began moving Studying Abroad from its three former homes into one. It went horribly wrong

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation is a great selling point for the University of Dundee, we have around 250 self-contained flats, the majority of which are on or around the city campus. Therefore, alongside our revamp of the course pages on the Study website we set about updating the Accommodation site. Due to the way university applications work, applying […]