• Design Sprint #7 review (Course comparison)

    Our seventh Design Sprint took place on 8th May 2018. The problem we came together to solve was: “As a potential student I would like to compare two or more courses”. Day 1, Morning : reviewing the problem together The first part of the Design Sprint saw Steve and Rob presenting some background information about […]

  • The importance of colour

    In any area of design colour plays a huge role from print to digital media. Colour can help convey different emotions, capture target audiences and communicate action. In our design system, colour was one of the first areas we looked at for moving forward. This will ensure we have a good basis or building block […]

  • 99 problems but my grid ain’t one

    What is a grid system? a structure comprising a series of horizontal and vertical lines, used to arrange content Nearly all sites these days are designed upon a grid system for laying out elements on the page. It allows us as designers to provide a system that can work with a solid structure and present […]

  • 10 Design principles to help us build a better website

    As part of the process of starting again and building a new and improved www.dundee.ac.uk, the design team here in Web Services are making big preparations to make sure we’re ready. Ready for what exactly? Ready to start again and rethink everything we have ever designed. Every button, every text style, every page layout. We’re […]