Scholarship search redevelopment

  • 21 February 2017, 08:44

The Web Service Team, Global Recruitment Team and Applicant Experience Team have been working on updating the scholarship search on our website.

The first version, which went live in autumn of 2016, didn’t list every subject and country in the world and this sometimes led people to believe there were no scholarships available for their desired selection. This has been resolved with a new country and subject dropdown that you can use to filter the results.

The new requirements came from extensive user testing and went live on February 8.

Our scholarship search will now be the single place to find University of Dundee and external scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities.

Check out the new scholarship search.

Written by:

Rob graduated from the University of Dundee in Applied Computing BSc (Hons) and Design Ethnography MSc. He has been working for the University since 2013.

Bringing the technical aspects from computing and the user research aspects from ethnography, he is our User Experience Manager.

Rob is often out of the office speaking to users and testing the website to new design thinking.

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