Where did the last year go?

It’s just over a year since we started launching content on our new content management system. Our initial focus was on building the blocks of functionality and content that make up individual areas with our focus now moving onto migration of content. Here’s a quick summary of where we are.

University level content

Emergency response

Over the course of the pandemic, clear and consistent information out to our community has been critical in ensuring that people are kept well informed and have a resource to get the latest information. Often this information was changing on a daily basis. As we start to reverse and return to campus, good quality information is crucial.

Cornerstone content

Much of the information that we share online is common in structure and often ownership across the University. A huge amount of work has gone into creating these building blocks to drive consistency of experience for the user and improving the search experience.


This has by far been the biggest part of the migration project to date. We’ve reviewed, rewritten, enhanced and created over 550 courses and created and migrated almost 2,500 modules as well as integrating with key corporate systems to drive consistency of data. These pages are constantly being reviewed and updated with new content as new courses and modules come on stream and old courses and modules are also being removed.

School / Discipline

We’re working extensively with contacts in each of the schools to migrate their existing presence across to the new system.


As we build towards REF2021, in addition to all the work within the School site migrations and work on telling stories to ensure research is highlighted, we’re bringing new areas online to further enhance our promotion of our research.

Professional services

As we’ve been migrating content as part of our “Guide” and “Corporate Governance” work, we’ve also transferred individual areas as well.


Written by:

Andrew graduated from the University of Dundee in 2003 with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing. He started working for the University in 2004 and spent four years working in the Careers Service and across wider Student Services. In 2008 he moved to the College of Life Sciences to act as their web developer, eventually expanding in 2012 to take on the development of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing sites as well as heading up their IT unit in 2014-15. He became Head of Web Services in 2015 and brought together teams from across the University to create a unified web services team for the University.

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