Hemming and Hawing

Standing in awe of my bio-adept friends                                                                                                         I hem and haw virtually, as my word-craft descends                                                                                   Into new depths of paralysis                                                                                                                           No view to catalysis                                                                                                                                               This rhyme is raw with hanging loose-ends.

Hi, this is, indeed, my awkward introduction to my bio.

I’m Rhoda Neville, another of the very special group of WPS students in this year’s crop. This is where we’ll be talking about our semester projects–our trials and tribulations and our small victories–and the art/obsession of writing in general.

I’ve shared my life out, so far, between the States and Britain, and am happy to be back in Scotland. When writing I’m fairly eclectic, switching between poetry and prose, writing with a touch of humour, some pathos, and sometimes style–like a manuscript form of Charlie Chaplin Film. My downfall seems to be writing about myself in a blog. (It seems to be an allergy to sounding big-headed.) I have a SF novel in second draft and lots and lots of writing in various forms of progress.

I’ve three grown children, dogs, and cats, most of who are still in the Arizona, preparing for the Big Move Back. In the meantime, I’m footloose and fancy-free for the first time since my mid-twenties…although I don’t remember feeling all that footloose or fancy-free, then. Hmmm. Other than writing and reading, I spend  time meditating, walking along the Tay, working out (yes, I know that’s a surprise isn’t it?), and doing a bit of gaming. I started Bachata lessons last week and will be doing a bookbinding course as a refresher later this semester.

I’ve come to regard the rest of the contributors on this blog as friends and family even though, with the limited amount of time we’ve had together, we should still be strangers. Perhaps that’s how sharing writing works over several months? Good writers, I do believe, crack the door and shine a light on their souls.