Book Archives Project – Found Objects


Well, it’s all rather exciting as small tasks start to bring together the pieces that will eventually make the whole.

Having helped Rhoda set up Twitter and PayPal, please look out for the facebook link to soon follow from Rhoda. Already the marvels this book collection holds will begin to start the transformation of the old into the new and I am rather excited to see this as I have loved working with the few images provided to me to set up the basics for Twitter. Speaking of  Twitter this can now be located at Also, if you have a PayPal you can be one of the first to donate any sum large to small via the PayPal portal at


Paypal is very easy to set up and once you have it you will wonder why you never had it all this time!

Rhoda is looking after all the social media and PayPal from now on, so follow on Twitter/Facebook for more up to date details on the Brechin Project.

Even more exciting for me, is that I have to now leave you and start to prepare for my writer’s interview on Wednesday with Alastair McIntosh



Chris Hodghton -Hello and no regrets!


Let me introduce myself … I’m Chris, a ** aged Welsh girl living in fabulous Fife. (After all a lady should never reveal her age!) I have lived in Scotland for over eighteen years and love it here.

I have always wanted to do my masters degree and also to write a novel. Despite these “forever dreams” of mine, and over **  years since first graduating with my BEd. (Hons), it was a rather impulsive decision to join the MLitt Writing Study & Practice  degree at Dundee in September. It was  extremely close to the start of the first semester, and I resigned my permanent teaching job a month later!

No regrets about my impulsiveness – loving it all !