Musings of the University of Dundee MLitt Publishing Writing students

Meet the Team (2021-22)

Amy Turnbull

Being set the task of introducing yourself can seem quite the road blocking as someone who tries to avoid themselves for as long as they can. What parts would someone want to hear about me? My lifelong obsession with gaming and comic books? My never-ending library that is slowly taking over every corner of my flat? Or maybe my imaginary friend that I had when I was 3 years old. All intriguing, all me.

To turn away from the existential dialogue that runs loops in my brain; hi, my name is Amy. I am 22 and a writer (with all the weight that word holds). I go by A R Turnbull in all my creative work (fully Amy Turnbull for reviews, etc). My writing interests seem to jump around genres a lot. Some days I find myself soaring with dragons and whispers of Viking tales. Other days I will be tearing apart some fictional relationship and pulling down the gravity of our real world. So, when asked about my writing, I simply state that I am a prose writer; whatever form that may be for the day, let it be.

Thus, I leave you with this awkward portrayal of a 20 something trying to get grips with not only her own brain waves but her craft itself. I have blogged before (if my 14-year-old Tumblr addiction counts) but mainly my writing tends to be showcased through snippets on Instagram these days (@a.r.turnbull for those interested), so this shall be an exciting new journey!

Hop on a dragon, put your therapist on speed dial, because we’re blogging now, who knows what could happen.