Musings of the University of Dundee MLitt Publishing Writing students

Meet the Team (2019-20)

Ellie Julings

Stories change the world, right? They certainly change my world regularly. It’s why I’ve always loved reading, and why I decided a few years ago to focus on what I really loved and learn to write. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done willingly and it’s infinitely rewarding.

I grew up in Leeds and more recently spent several years living on Larrakia country (Darwin) on Australia’s tropical north coast. I now live in Dundee and work part time inĀ  the charity sector.

My writing primarily revolves around my personal experiences of environmental and anti-capitalist activism; where some of my most emotionally charged and interesting stories lurk. I’m preoccupied with stories that bear witness to, or inspire change in people and society. But I also adore those easier reads that feel like being gently wrapped up inside a familar world. Isn’t it wonderful that stories can do both?