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What I did today at my placement

#FFF – tip of the iceberg.

This week sees a slight departure from the  prompts sourced from the GWL archive in that I have used an image of the umbrella stand, reputedly painted by Suffragettes in Duke Street Prison, Glasgow.  The umbrella stand sits proudly displayed within the library so many users will already be familiar with it.

In the course of the past week I uncovered the analogy, attributed to Ernest Hemingway, of flash fiction being like an iceberg – only one tenth visible to the eye and above the surface with nine tenths lurking, unseen, beneath it.  This seemed to fit perfectly with the tips I have been giving about being brief but hinting at a much larger backstory.  I have now used the analogy in my GWL website blog and in the tweeted guidance accompanying this image.

This week I attended my second meeting of the “Open the Door” (women’s reading and writing festival) planning group.  The festival  promises to be excellent and I hope to attend as a participant in May.

Next Friday will be exciting as it’s International Women’s Day (March 8th)   The Decoding Inequality  exhibition will  already have been launched on the 6th March followed closely on 7th March by the start of the pop-up exhibition at the library of Artemisia Gentileschi’s Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria, an oil painting from about 1615–17, as it makes its way on a ‘grand tour’ from the National Gallery, London.

Interesting times!