Musings of the University of Dundee MLitt Publishing Writing students


Heading North

Tomorrow morning, an hour before sunrise, I will drive north up one of my favourite roads to my placement at Sandstone Press. Like I think everyone before their placement, I’m both excited and nervous. Oh, and worried about what to wear! I’m really looking forward to seeing from start to finish the process of publishing a book, and maybe to finding out some hints to increase the likelihood of getting published myself (hint 1: write a book).

I’m hoping I might get a chance to do some proofreading too. I’ve done it before, but a bit of Googling has introduced me to digital proofreading and marking up, something that’s new to me and obviously I’m panicking even though I don’t even know if I’m going to be doing any: classic self sabotage. Anyway, a placement is a chance to learn – after all there wouldn’t be much point in going if I already knew everything, would there? So I’m running with that thought, and packing my suitcase with my entire wardrobe – which should cover the first three days there, if I don’t spill anything on me.