Musings of the University of Dundee MLitt Publishing Writing students

Meet the Team (2021-22)

Hello, I’m Sam Kidd

I’m a writer and future eccentric recluse. I’ve always loved writing from a young age, It’s something that I think comes naturally to me, which is not true of a lot of things. My literary interests are in science fiction and stories which are strange, surreal or otherwise weird. My interests outside of literature include film, comedy and being forgetful.

Despite being a prose and poetry writer, I don’t take too much influence from other prose writers, my inspiration tends to come from other media, film, television, audio stuff. I’m a big fan of Robert Shearman, David Lynch, I need to read more China Mieville and Ursula K Le Guin based on what I have read.

To get introspective for a minute: it is funny when writing about yourself you feel compelled to leave bits of yourself on the cutting room floor. Or at least *I* do. I only implied my disability in my previous paragraphs because I didn’t want readers to make snap assumptions about me. There are elements of myself that I consider very important but also very private.

And now to finish off here’s a short poem about myself:

“The man who struggles for words, also wields them like a weapon. Perfect paintings impossible to draw A writer searching for an unwritten life.”