Musings of the University of Dundee MLitt Publishing Writing students


Luath work placement day 2 …’Beware the savage jaw of 1984!’

Interesting day and the time just flew by! I finished up my AI on  Sgaith, Amazon Queen of Skye.

I then went onto completing a Marketing Plan for Barnhill by Norman Bissell. I then prepared a calendar of events for a Fathers Day Promotion/Competition/Social Media items to do with the launch of Barnhill. Barnhill is a biography on George Orwell’s  latter years, which he spent at Barnhill on the Isle of Jura. During this time he wrote ‘1984’. This june marks the 70th anniversary since the publication of ‘1984’. This was all extremely interesting and useful to do.

The day ended with another post office visit, this time we got drenched but didn’t take the long route!

Looking forward to proofreading a novel tomorrow.