Musings of the University of Dundee MLitt Publishing Writing students


Luath work placement Day 1 ‘I took the bus to streets that I could walk down/ I walked the streets to find the one I’d looked for/ I climbed the stair that led me to your front door’


Nothing could prepare me for how different this day would  be, compared to ‘my previous working life’. Apart from having adults to speak to/not speak to (as appropriate at the time) and being able to go to the bathroom without waiting for break time and actually, most importantly, being able to do a task without being interrupted by 33 children at various points: it was as far removed from my normality of 24+ years as it could actually get!

So, as I had arrived in Princes Street nice and early, I sauntered up to the Royal Mile and found myself in the Castle coffee shop, where I waited with a lovely americano till  nearer 11AM. I then made my way to the little close off Castle Hill. Another girl, Madeleine, was looking too, then we eventually worked out which door we needed. All that education between us …

We were warmly met by Maia and were introduced to Carrie when we got to the attic. Yes, attic! The room is ‘cosy’ and had the most amazing views. It is piled high from corner to corner, not that you could see the corners, with.books and manuscripts galore! The walls and slanted roof adorned with book sleeves. What a treat! A book lovers delight …This week would certainly be an adventure!

We were shown the One Drive server and asked to just browse it. I was apprehensive as we could look at everything. I had to take the utmost care not to accidentally erase/alter anything! It was fascinating to see the AIs (Advanced Information sheets) and also the way they approach book sellers.

I have been given the task of sorting out social media for a novel coming out soon and to look at doing an AI this week too. I commenced an AI on Sgaith, Amazon Queen of Skye.

Madeleine and I then packaged books and AI letters to go to various booksellers for Tribes of Glasgow.  We then carried these sacks to the post office, via quite an interesting route,  then went our separate ways home. Next time I’ll do the navigation! 😂

Looking  forward to tomorrow.