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What I did today at my placement

Reshuffle, or RE: Shuffle

I got word yesterday that the name we’d been blithely calling the project  which we are diving on in the Archives, was not acceptable to all. So, the old name of the “Brechin Collection” had to go,  a new name be concocted, week old accounts updated or closed, new accounts opened, etc.

As the Cabinet of Curiosities or Wonder Room is our developing format for writing up our distillations, I would have gladly used either term for our new name, but it might surprise you to know just how popular the idea is. It’s popular enough that neither name was available. Notwithstanding the danger of sending browsers into Superhero Expectancy (not a proven illness), Vaulted Marvels is the nearest I could come to the other two terms and also fit into Twitter’s character limit.

With Michele’s invaluable help, Twitter, PayPal, and Facebook are now operating. I have still to set up the gofundme page, which I intend to do tomorrow.

Here are some links:                                                                                                                                            Facebook–

Twitter–                                                                                          PayPal–

Hope those all get you to where you want to go.

In other related news, in the last ten days I have met with Caroline Brown, Archivist; the University Printer and Artist Wrangler, Tommy Perman; the Winter Simpson rep, Jim Brown, who will be bidding on our envelope/book cover; and am due to meet with Rebecca Brown, tomorrow, who is interested in making a film of our collaborative efforts. Also, meeting with Gail to discuss the timeline.

Hope it’s safe to say:                  Thunderbirds are Go!


  1. Chris Hodghton

    Fantastic! Well done!

  2. Sue Whisler

    Thanks for the truly marvellous job you are doing, Rhoda. It’s shaping up well!

  3. M

    Hi Rhoda, I fixed your links as they were not activated to link to the outside and they are working fabulously now. Also, Brenda and I have both donated to the PayPal link just to set it rolling.