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The Hole Story

Let’s talk about inspiration. On my walk yesterday I encountered this, a hole in the ground. And it did something to me. I tapped the hole with my foot and imagined it cracking. To get morbid for a second I could imagine the cracks expanding out and the whole of Dundee falling into the great chasm. Perhaps some survivors could live in the whole and evolve into a race of Dundonian rat people. That would be fun.

Alternatively the hole could be the portal to an Alice-esque other world, a Wondee if you will (or Undee if you’re Tim Burton). Or I can imagine a society of mice or bugs crawling under us all. The little bits of plantlife surrounding the hole makes me imagine the forest beneath our feet.

I also imagine a camera going down the hole in a dramatic shot, cutting to some criminal organization or supervillain. My mind tends to be very cinematic, I think in filmic language, sometimes difficult to translate into words.

It’s funny how inspiration works, a single hole in the middle of the pavement can be fertile ground for the mind to grow things.

P.S: I just noticed the feather next to the hole. Maybe birds live down the hole after all.

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  1. Gail Low

    Sam – I love the left-field approach to the world around you! Now write one of those stories up…